Being able to bring you fruit is a joy. We look forward to
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As climate change makes harsh weather events even more impactful, we know no single family can go it alone.

Be part of the resilience backstop, supporting organic fresh food in our local supply chain at its roots.

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Our Organic Fruit CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) signups have closed for the season! 

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We are looking for ways to share more about where and how your food grows.

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It will be a few years before we can fully fill in the gaps left by the more than 20 acres of trees which died from the October 2020 radical freeze. But we are building back, bit by bit. We were able to replace several acres of lost trees in 2021 and they grew beautifully.

In the spring of 2022 we are hoping to replant another 4-7 acres of peaches. With 2021’s more stable autumn progression, this winter with early moisture, & with luck a mild and wet spring, we are doing a dance of happiness and hope. CSA fruit shares are on offer again this coming year starting in April!

Last season some younger peach trees surprised us by surviving when we thought they were likely to die. Sadly some mature peach blocks we’d thought had survived actually just gave up their last gasp.

All told after the death of more than 20 acres of trees You – our community – have come together with the most soul-touching support for our farm and orchards. You show us we really are connected, and reaffirm our belief that it is human nature to care about each other. Thank you. You’ve made a difference. We invite you to join our free farm tour in June or see the farm Virtually during Lunch With a Farmer.

Yes our fruit is delicious! It's also certified organic and grown on a zero food-waste farm powered by 80% renewable energy. Ela Family Farms also participates in scientific research projects that support the future of organic agriculture.

– 100% Organic Fruit –

We grow every last thing we sell or make — from fresh fruit to artisanal organic jams, jellies, fruit butters, sauces, dried fruits, and cider.

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I just bit into my first peach from the farmer's market and it was so good it made me come and write this review. Looking forward to more peaches, plums, pears and apples from Ela's.

Tuesday Samantha Lee

The best apples I ever ate!!!

Kristy Lichtenfeld

Went to the farmers market in Old Town Fort Collins today and met these wonderful farmers. ALL of their samples were delicious, it was hard to choose what to buy. We went with the peach plum jam and were NOT disappointed. The greatest part of this experience was the warmness and kindness from the employees. They were friendly, patient, and helpful. We will definitely be customers again in the future.

Kaitlin Farruggia

Back in about 1990, I bought some absolutely amazing Suncrest peaches (from an Eastern Slope orchard's store) that originally came from Ela Family Farms, and I've been DYING to get my hands on some more - I live in peach country in upstate NY now, but NOBODY has Suncrest peaches! There IS no other peach that measures up to YOUR Suncrest peaches!!! Please, someone at Ela Family Farms, SAVE me from my misery!

Rebecca Sewell

I purchased 24 peaches online on Sunday, they shipped on Tuesday, and they arrived in Tennessee on Thursday in perfect condition. They are the sweetest, juiciest peaches around, just like I remembered them when I lived in Colorado.

Cindy Anderson Craft

Fantastic farm, farmer, and crew. A weekly farmer's market visit for our family for over a decade.

Jeff Wright

We will only eat peaches from Ela's. All others taste like plaster. That is all.

Susan McAllister

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