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2024 Ela CSA fruit share sales are closed for the season.
Please scroll to the bottom to click on your local farmer’s market or the farm if you have a share and want to review your share details.

The individual CSA schedules & prices differ slightly for each pick up location, depending on the number of weeks available at that location.


CSA members are our champions and prized customers. You understand farming’s natural challenges. You dedicate food dollars upfront to us, we commit priority organic fruit access to you. Together we are a community committed to each other and to the many benefits of a sustainable local food supply.

With a CSA you are in touch with your farmer experiencing Colorado fruit season in real time. Our direct relationship allows us to ripen fruit on the tree and pick it at its peak of flavor. In turn you experience the richly complex flavors of Ela’s infamously juicy organic peaches, plums, pears, heirloom tomatoes, and apples. We hope that our commitment to peak flavor and sustainability helps you create local food traditions that you and your loved ones look forward to every year.


Approximately 100lbs of our prime fruit over the course of a 14-week harvest season will be waiting for you to pick up at your convenience during the farmers’ market day. You’ll get peaches, pears, and apples ripe from the farm: bagged or boxed and ready to go! There is also a canning share option. In that, members will receive 20lbs each of organic imperfect peaches, pears, heirloom tomatoes, and 40lbs of imperfect apples.

In exchange for your upfront commitment, our CSA members receive top priority to a portion of Ela’s fruit harvest. Members who pick up their CSA share directly from us at a farmers’ markets or at the farm sign up on our website between the start of April – June 15 each year.

If you are worried about missing a week, please click here for details on how you can modify your pickup.


With 7 farmers’ market pick-up sites along the Front Range, and our actual farm site on the Western Slope, hopefully one works well for you! Click on any site below for complete details.


If you need help figuring out the best share for you, or you prefer to pay by check, e-mail JENI@ELAFAMILYFARMS.COM. Let her know where you live so that she can recommend the best Ela fruit CSA for you. We hope that you will join us!


The weekly CSA fruit share suits a family of 2-4 people. If you have a big family or you are ravenous fruit eaters, feel free to sign up more than one share! The canning share is great for those who want to process fruit while it is in season and enjoy it year round, eating organic fruit for cheaper than conventional prices. We often sell out of our prized fruit and our CSA members have first dibs on a portion of our harvest.

Because harvest dates are dynamic, flexibility is required. We only include fruit we grow on our farm in our shares. If we are short of one fruit, we will substitute a similar value with another fruit or our delicious processed goods.


 All Ela Family Farms workers – from our pickers & packers to our farmers market staff – are food safety trained and actively uphold a focus on quality & safe practices.

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