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Hotchkiss Farm Pick Up Time- Thursday from 3:00-6:00 p.m. at the farm

Early Season Share- $75 (may be available between June 1-June 15)
Peak Season Share-$270 ( buy between March 1-June 15)
Canning Share- $145 ( buy between March 1-June 15)
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Colorado fruit season is one of life’s simple pleasures. Add an Ela Family Farms’ organic fruit share to your table and enjoy all of the bounty that our local harvest season has to offer.  Our peak season share gives you over 108 lbs. of organic fruit over thirteen weeks.  Enjoy uniquely sweet juicy plums,  tree-ripened peaches, super flavorful heirloom tomatoes, crispy apples varieties and succulent pears along with fresh pressed apple cider in the fall. We grow amazing varieties!

Because ripening dates are dynamic, flexibility is required of our members. If we are short of one fruit, we will substitute the full retail value with another fruit or artisan fruit product. We guarantee our fruit and that members receive the full value of their share. CSA stands for community-supported agriculture. CSA members share in the bounty and the realities with local farmers. To learn more about Ela Family Farms and our 100 years of Colorado fruit growing history visit

While we feel confident in our peak season weekly share, the early season fruit is more risky. Therefore, we divide our weekly share into two parts, the early season share and the peak season share. Members may purchase the peak season share and/or the canning share between March 1-June 15. We sell the early season shares from June 1-15 if the cherry crop makes it through frost season.

Eat organic fruit for less than conventional prices with our Canning Share!
Our 120 lb. Canning Share is great for those who want to savor Colorado fruit season year round by processing fruit while it is in season. Members receive a 20 lb. box of our “imperfect” fruit every couple of weeks or so. Can it, freeze it, jam it, dry it….or just gobble it up at a bargain price. Though not cosmetically perfect, our seconds are just as delicious and are easy on your local organic food budget.

We welcome your membership in one or all of the available shares: peak season, early season, and canning!

Pick up days and times are every Thursday, between 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. at Ela Family Farms, 30753 L Rd., Hotchkiss.

To become a CSA member, proceed to the CSA purchase page of our online store and choose Hotchkiss as your pick up site.  If you have further questions or would like to pay with a check, contact and request information for the Hotchkiss farm CSA pick up.

Early Season Fruit Share-$75 (may be available to buy after June 1st)
July 5- Sweet cherries
July 12- Sweet cherries
July 19- Sweet cherries and peaches
July 26- Peaches

Peak Season Fruit Share – $270 (buy between March 1-June 15)
Predicted Peak Season Fruit CSA Schedule
Aug. 2 –   Bag of Peaches                                                             
Aug. 9 –  Two bags of fruit: Peaches, and heirloom tomatoes or plums       
Aug. 16 –Ten pound flat of peaches           
Aug. 23- Two bags of fruit: Peaches, and heirloom tomatoes or plums
Aug. 30- Two bags of fruit: Peaches, and heirloom tomatoes or plums
Sept 6-    Three types of fruit + : Peaches and apples, pears or plums plus heirloom tomatoes
Sept. 13- Three types of fruit + : Peaches and apples, pears or plums plus heirloom tomatoes
Sept. 20- Three types of fruit + : Apples and pears, peaches or plums plus heirloom tomatoes
Sept. 27- Two types of fruit: Apples and pears or plums
Oct. 4 –   Apple selection and ½ gallon apple cider
Oct. 11-  Apple selection and ½ gallon apple cider
Oct. 18   Apple selection and ½ gallon apple cider
Oct. 25   Twenty-pound box of storage apples-When kept cold, these apples will stay fresh for several weeks.

Canning Share- $145 (buy between March 1-June 15)
Aug. 9   –   Peaches – 20lbs.
Aug. 23 –   Heirloom tomatoes-20lbs.
Sept. 6   –   Peaches – 20lbs.
Sept. 13   –   Bartlett pears-20lbs. (The pears could take more than a week to ripen)
Sept. 27 –   Apples-20lbs.
Oct.  25 –   Apples-20 lbs.

For more information or to pay by check email and designate our Hotchkiss farm as your pick-up site.

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