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An heirloom plum variety with an intense, rich, earthy flavor, Elephant Heart Plums have a mottled light purple skin and a deep crimson flesh. A cut slice held up to the light looks like a work of stained glass. Coveted by many at the farmers markets, Elephant Heart Plums are one of the last plum varieties of the season to ripen.
Anticipation makes the first bite even sweeter!
We hope you’ll get a chance to savor some of these beauties this year. Come visit us at one of our farmers’ markets in the Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins area, or drop by our farm in Hotchkiss CO to see how they grow!

Elephant Heart Plum interior - the color is as rich as stained glass when held with the light behind it. Elephant Heart Plums in a fruit bowl - a treat of a snack.

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