Farmers Market Updates
July 26, 2019

Summer’s first Peaches & a Cherry Brain Freeze

Summer is hot and our peaches and cherries are so juicy you can't keep your chin clean. Eat them fresh and chilled or take it one step further to the most scrumptious frozen concoctions. Here you see farmer Steve Ela making homemade peach ice cream under the grape Arbor.
Farmers Market Updates
July 19, 2019

Ruby Red Riches & the Hairpin Pitter

We were laughing in the kitchen the other day, standing together at the sink pitting cherries. Shirley Ela was recalling the days of hairpins, when practically all ladies had and used them, and when they were the pitting tool of choice. Back in the Depression era, people were so careful…
Farmers Market Updates
July 6, 2019

Oh my gosh, CHERRIES!!!

You've waited so patiently, waited so long... Answer the call - cherries' siren song! Come visit us at a farmers' market today or tomorrow Come early, buy cherries, avoid sweet sorrow!
Farmers Market Updates
May 9, 2019

Rhubarb Time!

Rhubarb reminds us of our moms and Spring. Jeni's mom always made custard rhubarb pie. Steve's mom makes rhubarb pie. Regan's mom brings out the honey for dipping fresh rhubarb.   As die hard tart lovers, no other "fruit" delivers tartness like rhubarb and we've been busy celebrating the season with our Organic Heirloom Green Rhubarb. So…

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