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Through all the crazy ups and downs, Thank You for being part of our world.
We appreciate you.

To paraphrase an inspiring local partner, You and your People are our People.


Saturday Ft Collins
Larimer County Farmers Market in Old Towne 9am-1pm (starting Aug 1)

Ela Family Farms will attend the Fort Collins market beginning on August 1st. Click here to listen to learn about the customer shopping guidelines for shopping at the farmers market. Because this market is run by the Larimer County CSU Extension their website is full of reliable, helpful resources. Masks are required in the farmers market. 

Saturday Boulder Market 8am-2pm

At the Boulder market you can choose to make a reservation to avoid waiting in line, but you can also spontaneously walk up and get in. Boulder has enacted a city mask mandate, so everyone in the market is required to wear a mask. The earliest reservations between 8am and 8:20 are for vulnerable populations only. The 8:30 reservation for the general public fills quickly. Ela Family Farms’ booth is directly across from BMoCA on the map at the bottom of this link’s page. Customers must enter the market from the south end off of Arapahoe Rd. and exit on the north end by Canyon Blvd. The one way flow means that you must shop both sides of the market as you go because you are not coming back through the way you came in.

Saturday Longmont Market 8am-1pm

Since the Longmont market is run by the same entity as the Boulder market, the rules are the same. Masks are required. You can click here to make a reservation for the Longmont market. The earliest reservations between 8am and 8:20 are for vulnerable populations only. Masks are required and capacity is limited, and they keep a tight cap of 100 shoppers in the market. Like Boulder shopper traffic is one way, so you enter on one end and exit on the other. Parking is plentiful and directly surrounds the market. 

Saturday Union Station Denver Farmers Market 9am-2pm

If you haven’t experienced the newly renovated Union Station, come on a Saturday and check it out…and us too! The farmers market here has a European feel. If anywhere will shed Denver’s old image of being a cow town, this is it! The limited space means that the farms and vendors are carefully curated. The farmers market is run by BCFM, so the same rules apply as the Boulder and Longmont markets. Masks are required. You can click here to make a reservation. If there is a line (rarely) explore the station or wade in the fountain until there isn’t. The earliest reservations between 8am and 8:20 are for vulnerable populations only. Masks are required and capacity is limited so shoppers can social distance themselves.

Saturday Golden Farmers Market 8am-1pm

The Golden Chamber of Commerce operates the lovely Golden Farmers market west of the Golden public library along the creek. They limit the number of customers inside the market to promote social distancing and require shoppers to wear masks. They’ll provide you with a mask if you forgot yours. The line moves quickly if one forms.

Sunday Parker Farmers Market 8am-1pm

Parker is a new market in our line up. The Ela Family Farms’ stand is tucked on an appendage from the main street off of the middle crossroads of the market. This year that might be a blessing at this bustling market. We are across from a bright pink flower truck. Our banners are black, tablecloths blue, and we have a white truck with our big apple logo on it. It appears that they are not limiting the number of guests on the street so there is no wait to enter and a mask mandate for those 2 years old and older goes into effect July 24th. Even if Douglas County opts out, which they plan to do, but Parker will still be under the order unless they opt out too.

We’ve created physical strategies at our stand to promote social distancing and have touchless payment available to help protect our customers and staff. Please wear a mask when shopping with us there. The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. 

Sunday Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market 9am-1pm

The Old South Pearl Street market is now Denver’s largest farmers market. Pearl Street is working hard to create a safe shopping experience at the farmers market as well as the shops and restaurants on Pearl Street. In order to maintain social distancing the organizers must limit the number of people inside the market. Farmers market customers must enter and exit the market at the intersection of Florida St and Pearl St. The entrance has hand sanitizer and free masks if you forget yours. If a line forms it moves rather quickly, and there tends to be no line later in the day. The traffic flow is set up like a two lane highway. Guests are to shop one side of the market one way and the other side of the market on their way back to the exit. The Ela Family Farms’ stand is theoretically on your way back out, so that is a plus. Both shoppers and vendors must wear masks. 

If you ever need an expedited pick up and don’t have time to shop, we are willing to try letting you grab and go from the back of our stall. Rebels! The Pearl Street businesses are accessible via the sidewalks behind the farmers market stands. There is a rope between the sidewalk and the farmers market, but we can hand your fruit to you and you can walk the sidewalk back to your car. If you are in a vulnerable population we can try that too. Or I think you can access the east marketside alley via Iowa St. and grab and go that way. If you want to shop the farmers market, we must ask that you find a parking spot and enter via the main market entrance on Florida St….I guess we are not rebels after all. Bring a collapsible dolly if you have one!

Sunday Stapleton Farmers Market 9am-1pm

The Ela Family Farms’ stand is on the north side. Both shoppers and vendors are required to wear a mask. In order to allow for social distancing market organizers limit the number of shoppers in the market. There is typically no line to get into the Stapleton farmers market and there is a lot of green space inside the market.  At the entrance they will give you a free mask if you forget yours. There is also hand sanitizer to use as you enter.  

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