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The Little Things~September 25, 2014

By September 24, 2014Farm News

We have the best intentions of writing a weekly blog about life on the farm.  Sometimes though, the needs of the farm interfere with those intentions.  Or…sometimes we’re just unmotivated.  Or tired.  Or can’t see the trees through the forest.

That’s when it’s really nice–no, not nice–awesome, to awaken to a sunrise like this

sunrise 0914

Seeing this our your window, kind of puts things in perspective.  When the semi-truck goes kaput at 3:30 a.m. on I-70 above Denver full of fruit for weekend markets, when we have to resend 60 gift packs to Texas because a hurricane impeded their delivery, when there has been so much rain that just-picked peaches mold in the box, when our dog snatches the UPS drivers wallet out of his UPS truck, it’s a wonderful thing to see the sun rise again, and believe that maybe the day in front of us will be just a little bit better.


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