INDIVIDUALIZED EXPERIENCES ($250/person, minimum 4 maximum 8)


Please contact us using the form below BEFORE purchasing your tour. Customized tours aren’t really out of stock, we just want to make sure we ask the right questions before you pay. Fill out as much as you are able, and we can help with everything except picking your friends!

     Is there a part of the farm you’ve always been curious about? Something you’ve always wanted to learn about or get a better look at? Prefer a big-picture look at everything? Or maybe photographing birds and blossoms? Get together your own small group of friends or family for a personalized farm tour with us for 1½  hours and we’d love to make it happen! 

     It’ll be a live virtual tour so you can actually see the farm with your own eyes. You can also choose to be here in person on the farm, outdoors with good COVID manners, or a combination in your party of both. When you and your group are ready, and your tour has been scheduled, we will enable payment options. 

Out of stock

INDIVIDUALIZED EXPERIENCES ($250/person, minimum 4 maximum 8)

 Click here for examples of things to see. See the photo titles for ideas.