Organic Peach Plum Jam


We make our all-organic peach-plum jam on our farm. The jam’s rich flavor comes from tree-ripe organic fruit grown here on the slope of  Colorado’s mountains. Our fruit jam is a very low-sugar recipe free from artificial additives, so it actually tastes like fruit!

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Our all organic peach-plum jam is made on our farm. Tree-ripe organic fruit we grow here on the Western Slope of Colorado’s mountains gives the jam a rich flavor so it actually tastes like the fruits which go into it. Our fruit jam is a very low-sugar recipe free from artificial additives.

Along with being 100% organic, our 100 acre farm is also maxed out on water conservation. We derive about 80% of our electricity use from solar panels, use hot water solar panels to help heat our commercial kitchen, and have a thriving ecosystem from air to land to water on our land. We are a zero-food waste farm.

When you buy our artisanal products you are contributing to a healthy and diverse food system.

Organic Peach Plum Jam label from Ela Family Farms in Colorado

We grow all the fruit we use in our jams.

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