Pear Gift Pack – dozen



Hand picked & hand packed, these creamy sweet & juicy organic pears are unlike any pears found in the store. These pear gift packs are worth exploring as something entirely new. Fresh Picked Pear Gift Packs = love!

Taste 111 years’ commitment to outstanding quality and put a smile on someone’s face. You’ll wish you’d grown up eating these tree-ripened pears!

 Our pear gift pack includes 12 pears, attractively wrapped and cushioned, delivered directly to your door.

**If you think you don’t like pears, try these. Join our farmers markets customers who walked in thinking they didn’t like pears, were curious enough to give them a taste anyhow, and now can be seen happily munching on our organic tree-ripened pears!

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Dimensions 18 × 14 × 6 in

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