Potager Restaurant Tuesday CSA


Pick up at Potager Restaurant on Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm
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Peak season – $299
Pickups:  Tuesdays at Potager between 4pm-6pm August 6 through October 29th.
Purchase:  Anytime between March 1 through June 15.

This share does not include Ela heirloom tomatoes

CSA shares are closed for the season.

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Enjoy Colorado fruit season with fourth generation orchardists, Ela Family Farms! Potager Restaurant has been the best at supporting local growers for over 20 years. This mid week CSA pick up is ideal for our Denver members who can’t always make it to the weekend farmers market. Pick up here and enjoy a glass of wine and a pizza on the patio, or just grab and go. You can pick up an Aspen Moon veggie share at the same time.

WHAT IS the Ela/Potager CSA SHARE?

Ela Family Farms’ weekly Potager fruit share offers over 110 pounds of organic fruit over 13 weeks. The share suits a family of 2-4 people and averages approximately 8 lbs. of fruit per week. Members receive the best of our peaches, pears, plums, and apples plus fresh apple cider in the fall. Because we grow over 20 varieties of apples, each apple week is unique. The last fruit share pick-up is a twenty-pound box of storage apples that you can enjoy into the holiday season.

Because ripening dates are dynamic, flexibility is required of our members. If we are short of one fruit, we will substitute the full retail value with another fruit or artisan fruit product. After all, taking the twists and turns and bumps in the road with your farmer is part of the agricultural adventure! We guarantee that our fruit will be delicious and that our members receive the full retail value of their share.

Predicted Fruit Share Contents & Schedules

Peak Season Fruit Share- $299 (buy between March 1-June 15)
Aug.  6 –  Bag of peaches and plums
Aug. 13 – 10 lb flat of peaches
Aug. 20 – Bag of peaches
Aug. 27 – Two bags of fruit: Peaches and plums
Sept.  3 – Two bags of fruit: Peaches and apples, pears or plums
Sept.10 – Three bags of fruit: Peaches, apples and pears or plums
Sept.17 – Three bags of fruit: Peaches, apples and pears or plums
Sept.24 – Two bags of fruit: Apples and pears or plums
Oct.  1 –   Two bags of fruit: Apples and pears or plums
Oct.  8 –   Apples and ½ gallon apple cider
Oct. 15 –  Apples and pears or ½ gallon apple cider
Oct. 22 –  Apples and ½ gallon apple cider
Oct. 29 – Twenty-pound box of storage apples. When kept refrigerated, these apples will stay delicious for several weeks!

Contact jeni@elafamilyfarms.com if you have further questions or would like to pay with a check. We look forward to seeing you at the markets!!


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