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Skiing~ February 7, 2014

By February 7, 2014Farm News

skiing beck 0214

I spend a lot of time exercising in the orchard.  I go for runs, I weave my mountain bike in and out of small peach trees, I do boot camp workouts and I take our dog for walks in the dark through the tree rows.  My absolute favorite though, is cross-country skiing in the orchard.  In fact, I would rather ski in the orchard than eat peaches in the orchard.  I love orchard skiing that much.

During a good winter of snow, I can ski in the orchard 4-6 times.  My skiing goes in fits and spurts, depending on how much snow we have.  We’ve been blessed with a good 8-10 inches in the last week and I’ve been tooling around as much as I can.  Mind you, this is a different type of skiing than being on a groomed track somewhere.  Orchard skiing involves old skies that can smash through grass, the occasional hill of mud and numerous rocks that haven’t quite been covered.

It’s a quiet, peaceful way of exercising and something I wish I could do year ’round. I had planned on hitting the groomed trails up on the Grand Mesa today, but the highway is closed for avalanche control. Wonderful, for now I can go ski in the orchard without feeling compelled to ski quickly or particularly well.  Just one of the benefits of having a 100 acre yard in the winter time.


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