We believe in living and working together, sustainably.

All of the farm – its trees, water, wildlife, and soil – is part of a system which also includes us – farmers, neighbors, customers, and communities. To do well with one is to contribute to the quality of the whole. We are a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem, in all these parts.

community leadership service    *    research collaboration    *    direct charitable giving        100% certified organic    *    zero food waste    *    80+% electricity generated onsite        soil building & conservation    *    water conservation    *    wildlife co-management        waste reduction    *    avian, insect, arachnid, and soil microbe biodiversity  

Awarded “Gold” status in 2018 by Colorado State’s Environmental Leadership Program – the first and currently only farm awarded status of any level by the ELP

Awarded “Supplier of the Year” by Whole Foods in 2017

Awarded “Best Sweet” applesauce by Real Simple magazine for our unsweetend Apples Aplenty applesauce

Awarded “Community Service Award” by the Sierra Club 2008 for our ongoing commitment to sustainable agriculture

Awarded the “Agricultural Achievement Award by the Western Colorado Horticultural Society in 1964 for constructive efforts to make further contributions to our agricultural progress

Awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Western Horticultural Society (Shirley Ela)

— Whole Foods Awards Supplier of the Year —

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Farm News

Gold Award from CO State Environmental Leadership Program

Ela Family Farms has been awarded Gold Status by the Colorado State Environmental Leadership Program for our efforts in community, land, air, and water stewardship. As part of those actions, we make every effort to reuse materials, and we invite your participation! We hope that you, like we, can continue by…
Farm News

Bee Cause

We are going to raise our hands in the air and say it loud and clear - We support the Bee Cause!  Why?  Because!   Because bees are the quiet workers on the farm.  Without their work to pollinate apple, cherry, pear and plum flowers we would not get to enjoy…