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4 eggs, 2 cups sugar,  1 can evaporated milk, 1 pint cream, 3-4 cups mashed peaches (makes 1 gallon of ice cream)

Summer is hot and our peaches and cherries are so juicy you can’t keep your chin clean. Eat them fresh and chilled or take it one step further to the most scrumptious frozen concoctions. Here you see farmer Steve Ela making homemade peach ice cream under the grape Arbor.

Also featured is a cherry brain freeze made from fresh organic cherries, whipping cream, a dash of almond extract, and just a spoonful or two of Maple syrup. Blend them together until it’s a light and fluffy mixture and freeze them in your favorite mold. In this case a brain! Top it off with a drizzled chocolate shell and you’ve got a no-sugar-added low carb summer sensation.

You can find this all organic fruit at our farm stands this weekend in Ft. Collins, Longmont, Boulder, Denver Union Station, City Park, Stapleton Esplanade, Old South Pearl St,  Golden, and Cherry Creek (both this weekend and on Wednesday).

Come check out the 1st peaches of the season – Earlistar – and the sweetest of sweet cherries!

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