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Christmas Eve on the Farm~December 27, 2014

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As the land on the farm was cleared in the teens and twenties, loads of basalt rock was removed and constructed into a stone wall that lines the perimeter of our farm. About six or seven years ago, Steve thought it would be a nice tradition to line the rock wall with luminaries on Christmas Eve. What began with ten to fifteen luminaries has grown into a tradition of one hundred luminaries lining a portion of the wall.

An operation of making candles over our wood stove begins in November. Friends and family give us lots of leftover candle wax throughout the year.

luminaries #2 1214

We’ve found that empty Brown Cow and Mountain High yogurt containers work the best. Thank-you Brown Cow.

luminaries #1 1214

Here are some candles, ready to go.

luminaries #3 1214

Steve and our kids have mastered folding down 100 paper sacks,

luminaries #4 1214

which are then delivered through the window to be filled with sand from the sandbox (ever so careful to avoid the cat poo…).

luminaries #5 1214

luminaries #6 1214

When the sun is setting, the four of us bundle up and light the luminaries, illuminating the rock wall around the farm and in so doing, spreading a little holiday cheer among our corner of Rogers Mesa.

Happy Holidays to all from Ela Family Farms.

luminaries #7 1214

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