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By July 3, 2012Farm News

Last night my daughter and I went for a walk in the orchard, which is something we often do after dinner.  Walking through the rows of trees at the end of the day is a wonderful way to stretch our legs and catch up on the day.  Often we walk leisurely, not really having a plan on where we’re headed or which block of trees we’ll stumble into.

Last night however, we both made a bee-line for the block of cherries, a lovely block on the north end of the farm.  Our cherry trees tower above us, as they have been pruned and trellised to be narrow and tall.  This is the first year in a number of years that we have cherries, as the blooms so often freeze during the springtime.  So last night, we ambled through the trees, eating our way from one tree to another, having cherry pit spitting contests, and reveling in the fact that this year, we have cherries!

We have a saying on the farm that goes, “When the cherries come in”… and the rest if the phrase is never really finished.  It’s kind of like all of the hopes, dreams, realities and hard work on this place rest on these little red gems.  “When the cherries come in, we’ll have it made”.  “When the cherries come in, we’ll have a great year”. “When the cherries come in, all will be well”.

Well, whatever happens this season, I know that the cherries have come in, and it makes for a great dessert with my daughter in the orchard.

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