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Garden Baseball~ September 29, 2013

By September 30, 2013Farm News

Friday night we had our first frost of the season.  While this is always an event that I’m not quite ready for, it does allow for one of our favorite fall activities: Garden Baseball.

garden bball 1 0913

True, one can play garden baseball anytime of the summer, providing you have produce going to the birds (or raccoons), but once the produce has frozen in the garden, there’s a unique mushiness that not only is a little gross to touch, it’s really gross to pitch.  And even grosser to hit.

Tomatoes are the favorite.  Really messy to pitch, but they make a great satisfying “whhhaaacckk” when they’re hit.  Not to mention that everyone in a 15′ radius gets  sprayed with rotten tomato.  We also recommend bell peppers, tomatillos and lemon cucumbers (almost like batting the real thing).  Sunflower stalks make great bats.  In a pitch, you can use an old garden stake the one above.

garden bball 2 0913

Old grungy clothes are a must, because you never know when that tomato will split open upon impact and spray seeds and juice all over your clothes.

garden bball 3 0913

You just never know what fun Indian summer days can bring…






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