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Melting Out~March 15, 2013

By March 15, 2013Farm News


melting out 0313

Things are beginning to warm up here on the farm. The icicles are gone. Now that most of the snow has melted off the lawn, we can see the plastic, foil and coffee filters our dog has deposited over the last four months.  Our twelve wind machines have been serviced and are ready for frost season.  CSA information has been sent out and the Say’s Phoebe that nests under our dormer has returned. We are sweeping out coolers waiting for the arrival of new trees and scion weed is being cut for grafting. The quiet of winter is punctuated with the call of red winged black birds and early-rising roosters. Our kids are riding their bikes in shorts and flip flops and it seems the sap has ceased to run in our maple tree by the road. The quack grass is returning and the smell of smoke from burn piles is in the air.  We are keeping watch on the state snowpack level as we only sparingly had enough water for our trees last season. We are 77% of average for snowpack at the moment.  March tends to be the snowiest month in the high country in Colorado, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that more storms will blanket the mountains.
As for me, I’m not quite ready to let go of winter.  I enjoy the quietness that blankets the orchard and will miss the rhythm of snow, grayish light and absolute stillness.  Stillness rarely lasts on a farm for long.


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