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Pitmaston Pineapple is small, a bit ugly, and intensely flavorful. A favorite heirloom variety we are delighted to grow.

Pitmaston Pineapple apples on the tree, ready to harvest.


heirloom apple


A unique, yellow-brown heirloom variety that lives up to its name with – yep – a pineapple flavor.  Some say it also has hints of honey, and wow what an intense bite of flavor! It’s as if an apple three times the size has been shrunk down and all the flavor concentrated. The flesh is also notably dense.

This apple is small, shaped with a bit of a wobble, and russeted. Though those ugly duckling qualities making it commercially unacceptable, the unique flavor has kept it around. With the overall interest in “ugly” food on the rise we are delighted to have it, and to offer it to you at farmers markets for the week or two it’s ripe in the fall. Discovered near Worcester, England, in the 1780’s, it has long been loved in England as a desert apple. We pick sometime between late September and early October.

We have a special orchard block dedicated just to heirloom varieties like the Pitmaston Pineapple.

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