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Plums~August 21, 2014

By August 21, 2014Farm News


italian plums 0814
Of all the fruit we grow here on the farm, my favorite to look at on the trees are plums. The tree branches get so loaded that they literally bend to the ground. A beautiful cascade of fruit. When our kids were smaller, they would have limbo contests under the Shiro plums.  We called it the “Shiro Limbo”.

shiros and italians plums 0814

This season, many of our plums were lost to frost during the spring.  Those that remain however, are ripening with some already getting picked and sent over to the markets on the Front Range. These Shiros (the yellow one’s) are too small for picking.  In retrospect, we should have thinned these. Perhaps next year…

shiros 0814We do have an enormous crop of Italians plums or prunes (if that’s how you like to call them). They are ripening beautifully, their bold purple hue popping against the green leaves. I am looking forward to making stewed Italian plums with Dampfnudeln–a favorite Bavarian dish that is exquisite in the fall time. Yum is on the horizon. For now however, I am more than content with a peach–or three!

italian plums close up 0814

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