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We love apples. Our kids eat scads of them – Gala, Golden Supreme, Jonagold, Esopus Spitzenburg, Goldrush, Pitmaston’s Pineapple – and even more. We play in the orchards and even among the bins of fresh-picked apples, sample variety tastes at farmers’ markets for everyone who’s even mildly adventuresome, and think these apples actually do taste different, and better, than what almost everyone thinks when they hear “apple” these days.

So check this out. What a delight! Even more reason to enjoy fresh, organic, Colorado grown apples 🙂
Another Reason to Eat Organic — Organic Apples Contain More Diverse, Healthier Bacteria than Conventional
“Healthy, diverse colonies of gut bacteria can help prevent and treat many common diseases, and research on mice has linked improved gut health to protection against some cancers.”

Apples at market this weekend? Gala! And for CSA members,  Golden Supreme. Sneak peek to the next week? Possibilities include: Macintosh, Jonathan, and Swiss Gourmet. Also coming to market this weekend: late season Peaches, Black Amber and Fortune Plums, Bartlett Pears, and Heirloom Tomatoes!

Sample apples for tasting at a farmers’ market.

Each variety has unique size, flavor, ripening, bite, storage, and color characteristics. Even within that, each variety has subtle differences from year to year.

Offering samples of different varieties at markets is a lot of fun, as each person tastes each Apple just a little bit differently from their friends. The ensuing conversations cam be hilarious!

Zero food waste on our farm – we’re drying the ugly apples!

We’ve got a mobile rainbow of fruit when apples get ripe.


Once Apples are ripe, it’s a flat out race to get them all picked and into bins before they hit the ground.

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