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Spring has sprung

By April 23, 2012May 21st, 2012Farm News

As with most years, we meander through winter, marveling at the quiet and slower pace that winter brings to the farm.  We had a mild winter here, not as cold with less snow. We were still able to do some cross country skiing in the orchard, but the snowmen were fewer and the zero degree mornings rare.  Spring came in so quickly this year, that it seems we were all caught with our pants down, except our dog (which makes for much quicker entries into the pond). Some peach varieties bloomed 3 weeks earlier than last year, making us all feel very far behind with the work load and very vulnerable to cold, frosty nights.  The projects are stacking up; planting apples trees, planting tomatoes, finishing pruning, chopping brush, spraying, marking out the field to get the alfalfa seed in, putting in the new (bigger!) cooler, and hoping, hoping, hoping that Mother Nature is gracious and leaves the nighttime frosts in Canada!

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